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Ti Pa Ti Pa, Step by Step,
We work to meet the needs around us.


OUR Story

ORIGIN STORY: In October of 2017, a woman named Jermene was pregnant and in distress. Her husband asked for help. We ran up the hill to their small clay hut. Jermene was barely responsive, and after checking her pulse, it was clear that she needed to get to a hospital as soon as possible. However, the family did not have the means to pay for a hospital visit (this is tragically common in Haiti). We took her to the hospital and she was treated for an infection. Something so simple in the USA can be fatal in Haiti. 4 months after her treatment, Jermene gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl! Jermene and Ti Anjélla are one of our inspirations behind God's vision for Espwa Means Hope. 

Espwa Means Hope is a 501c3 non-profit organization, based in the USA, working in the beautiful country of Haiti, in the rural, mountainous region with extremely high poverty. Our mission is to empower and keep families together through education, job creation, and maternal health care. Founded in 2018, we have grown from small mobile clinics with basic birth kits to facilitating school sponsorships, providing jobs for 12 Haitian staff, and running a property with a sewing and education centers. And we still have so much work to do.


Acts 17:28a  "In [Christ] we live and function and have
our identity..."

Keeping families together through maternal health care, education and job creation

Jesus was relational and we follow his example, we prioritize relationships with people above projects
or programs

We listen to, learn from, and collaborate with Haitians

Our team

Our Haitian Staff

For the safety of our staff in Haiti, we have chosen to protect their identity so they can continue the beautiful work they are doing.

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